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    Be sure to read the complete rules before entering. We reserve the right to remove any photo we feel does not follow the rules.

    Contest Rules:

    All photos must be taken in a Virginia State Park Nov. 22-25, 2018.  Photographs cannot include watermarks or other text. All photos must be uploaded to the contest no later than 11:00 p.m. ET on Nov. 25, 2018. You may submit up to 5 photographs for this contest. We reserve the right to disqualify (and remove) any photograph that depicts inappropriate or illegal behavior (including but not limited to photos depicting dogs off leash or where the leash is not tied to a structure or connected to a human; public consumption of alcohol; camping equipment located outside site border) or that staff determine not to be taken on the contest dates, or not taken at the Virginia State Park indicated on the entry. Use of appropriate safety equipment (e.g. helmet for bike and horseback riding, personal flotation devices for all individuals enjoying watercraft to include stand up paddleboards) is important so only photographs depicting individuals using appropriate safety equipment will be selected for prizes.

    While we are not prohibiting selfies, we believe it is hard to convey all that Virginia State Parks have to offer in such a narrow field of vision. Likewise, collages are a great family memory but restrict our use so would likely not be a prize winner. 

    Anyone is welcome to enter the contest. However, any prize involving an overnight stay must be awarded to an individual that is at least 18 years old (so an adult will have to claim a prize won by a minor). Prizes are subject to tax.

    Prizes may not be converted to cash value.

    The individual submitting the photograph and agreeing to the terms of the contest warrants that it is their original work. Upon entering a photo in the contest, the photographer agrees to give Virginia State Parks, the Department of Conservation and Recreation and Virginia Tourism full rights to use the photograph for marketing and publicity purposes without attribution and the rights to crop or otherwise adapt the photo. The photographer also warrants that he or she has a photographic release from any individual depicted. Winners may be asked to provide a written release of copyright.

    All decisions as to disqualification or determination of a winner are final. Virginia State Parks will make every effort to contact the winner via the email address provided. Any prize not claimed within 90 days will be forfeited (this does not mean the gift certificate will need to be used).

    Employees of the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation as well as their immediate family may not enter the contest. 


    Virginia State Parks staff will determine contest winners and all decisions are final.  

    Prizes will be announced in a video posted to a blog published on the Virginia State Parks website no later than 3 p.m. Dec. 1, 2018. All winning photos and photographers will be included in the video.


    Category Grand Prize: $500 Virginia State Parks Overnight Stay Gift Certificate 

    First Prize: $250 Virginia State Parks Overnight Stay Gift Certificate

    Second Prize: $100 Virginia State Parks Overnight Stay Gift Certificate

    Third Prize: $50 Virginia State Parks Overnight Stay Gift Certificate

    Multiple winners may be selected for each prize level.